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Environment protection

Hi5 for Nature

we rebuild the future and fight to protect nature!

Get involved in protecting the environment!

The Morii Lake Project

Transforming Morii Lake into a place of nature and community to protect the environment now.
Join the project and fill out the questionnaire to express your opinion about protecting nature!

Protecting the environment is not a goal, it is a necessity! Our team of volunteer experts is working to restore the natural balance of our planet. Using the latest technologies and knowledge in scientific fields, we engage in projects of sustainable development, monitoring and protection of the environment.

Our Mission

To offer educational support in the choice of solutions that support sustainable development, the protection of nature and the support of local communities, involving both the private and public environment in intensifying efforts to protect the environment

Our Vision

A world where the protection of the environment is actively prioritized to ensure a sustainable legacy for present and future generations.

Our Values

Scientific expertise, responsibility for our actions, and determination to achieve measurable results.
All these values guide us in the actions and activities carried out to protect nature.

Each project represents an important step towards sustainable development and improving the environment for future generations

Environmental reports
Monitored species.
Collected Data

We love to work together to protect the environment, to encourage and support new and positive directions for the world we live in – one where both people and nature thrive.

Find out more
Propuneri legislative

Legislative proposals

Studii pentru protecția mediului

Environmental protection studies

Cercetări științifice

Scientific research

Educație și schimb de experiență

Education and experience sharing

Ecologie și ecoturism

Ecology and ecotourism

Why get involved in the projects of Natura5 Association?

A team
of professionals

We constitute a group of international experts, a team that grows through collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, skills, strengths, and experience.

The Environmental

All these values guide us in the actions and activities carried out to protect nature.

Your ideas
turn into projects

Join the Natura5 projects and have the opportunity to make your voice heard

Be a part of

Tomorrow we breathe the air we generate today!

Based in Bucharest, the Natura5 Association has volunteers and partners from all over the world and supports them in improving their knowledge and practices in geotechnical engineering, geosciences, and environmental protection, by offering them the opportunity to actively participate in technical and professional projects.

Do you want to become a volunteer?

Here's what volunteering with Natura5 Association means:

To participate with us in actions aimed at ensuring the conservation of habitats and species of flora and fauna, for sustainable development and improvement of the environment;
Să îţi foloseşti energia şi entuziasmul pentru a învăţa lucruri noi şi să dobândeşti deprinderi utile alături de persoane care au aceleași interese ca tine – protejarea naturii;
To gain experience and make useful contacts that will be useful to you throughout your career;
To have your activity recognized and appreciated by the community.

Do you want an internship?

Natura5 offers internship opportunities for students of higher education institutions. Join our team! You have nothing but to gain:

The opportunity to get involved in both regional and international projects;

Flexible time for internships;

Gain experience in the field;

Professional practice leaders/mentors in your field of activity;



Visit us: 
Bucharest, Sector 1, Smochinului str., no. 10


Contact us:
+40799 001 555 |

Become a partner!

We are at your disposal for discussions or proposals, and we present you with some of the ways in which you can support our efforts to protect nature:

Redirect up to 20% of the corporate tax to Natura5 projects;

Encourage your employees to redirect 3.5% of their income tax to Natura5;

Participate in our CRM campaigns and help build your company's brand and reputation, increase staff motivation, as well as retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Donations of products or services - By offering products or services, you help the company with PR opportunities and ensure visibility for CSR actions.

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Bucharest, District 1
10 Smochinului Street

P: +40799 100 555